Communication and Marketing

Customer Focus

Our main concern is with our customers, being this the very reason of our existence! For this, we do not spare efforts to ensure the comfort, safety and efficiency of our services comply with expected standards and requirements of every TST customer.   

Communication and Marketing

Communication takes on an extremely important role in the development of our business. This enables us to inform our current services and announce any new initiatives on the company’s behalf.

Improvement of public information is a priority so that all our offered services are common knowledge and can be used in the most efficient way.

Our communication methods allow information regarding our services to be widely divulged and be read easily in a way that adheres to our company’s identity.

We are dedicated on a daily basis to ensure the comfort, safety and convenience of our services comply with standards and expectations of customers that utilize them.

Our principal goal is to contribute to the quality of life of those who utilize our services. This pact, between company and customer enables us to grow as our customers lives improve.


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