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TST Network Passes

The TST Network Pass is a monthly bus pass that allows the holder to travel an unlimited number of times on routes within the chosen area. This area has a specific code.  There is the possibility of different valid geographical area combinations as long as their respective codes match.

This pass has a 25% or 60% discount for students in comparison to the wholesale price, as long as the student fills the prerequisite to utilize a 4_18 or under 23 bus pass.

Network Passes 
  Adult 4_18 / 
  4_18 / 
U23 A
SX   26,65 €  20,00 € 10,65 €
FT 26,65 €  20,00 € 10,65 €
SA  37,25 €    27,95 €  14,90 €
MA 28,10 €    21,10 €  11,25 €

Consult the area validity of the pass: Prices in place since 01.01.2020
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