TST Training Policy

Our company develops training policies which aim to effectively respond to customer service demands. Our staff training aims to respond to this evermore rigorous and demanding reality.

Therefore, our annual training plans focus primarily on two essential training modules: initial professional training, for new employees, majority being drivers; and continuous professional training, for all employees, focusing on responding quality and strategic targets.

Initial professional training, for drivers, aims to qualify them for specific purpose of providing public passenger transport service, with accompanying contents, service parameters and continuous assessment after obtaining their Driver’s License (Public Service). All initial training is complemented with an induction process in the company, which involves practical components – Perfecting driving techniques allied with the concepts of Economic and Defensive driving.

Continuous professional training is mainly carried out in-house, either utilizing our own internal trainers with teaching abilities, deeply dedicated to the training process, or external trainers, particularly in behavioural areas, where we focus on improving the quality of customer service provided always considering our objectives and company culture.

Our company also provides refresher and update courses for maintenance staff with technical support from our suppliers and external training companies.

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