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Tickets and passes


On-Board tickets

Sold by our drivers on board the buses. This ticket is only valid for the journey it was purchased for. Its price varies depending on travelled distance.
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Simple Tickets

Tickets only sold on certain company routes.
The price varies depending on point of origin and destination of your journey.
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Zapping and Pre-Paid Tickets

The TST pre-paid tickets are, since January 1, 2013, charged in Lisboa Viva or Viva Viagem cards.
Pre-Paid tickets, which stopped being sold from November 24, 2017 can still be utilized and have been replaced with Zapping. Charging of these modules are made in Transport Units, with monetary values of €5,€10,€15,€20,€25,€30,€35 and €40, per card, on any TST sales outlet or agent. The Viva Viagem card, where you can recharge your units, will cost €0,50 cents.
To travel with us you must validate your card on our validators when entering the bus. Select on our validator the module you wish to utilize, the system will take the necessary transport units to start your chosen journey.
In case of any queries do not hesitate to ask any of our bus drivers, or at one of our sales points.

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TST Network Passes

The TST Network Pass is a monthly bus pass that allows the holder to travel an unlimited number of times on routes within the chosen area. This area has a specific code.
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TST Route Pass

The Route Pass is a monthly bus pass valid for an unlimited number of journeys on TST buses on a specific route.
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TST Combined Pass

The Combined Pass allows TST services to be combined with other transport operators and allows customers to travel on a vast range of networks.
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Urban Pass

The Urban Pass is a monthly pass and can be used for an unlimited number of journeys on the urban network it is bought for.
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Return Tickets

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Metropolitan Navigator Pass/Municipal Navigator Pass

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